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Master Story Teller, Ken Meaux, is sure to intrigue you with a glimpse into the Mysterious!

Over the years, Ken has been collecting and documenting dozens of legendary tales... Ken has developed this website in order to share some of his favorite stories with you. So sit back, relax and enjoy to your heart's content.

11 year old girl...

"...as legend has it, in 1890 11 year old, Amelia Gaspard, was put in a designated crying room as punishment. (supposedly for suspicion of dabbling in the psychic realm of psychokinesis! She sat in terror...

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The Time Traveler

I take pleasure in sharing with you the following occurrence because I personally interviewed one of the parties involved, and have repeatedly gone over the incident with him these past six years.

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a road to nowhere

more details coming soon...

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About Ken

Ken is a keeper and storyteller of the Cajun Mystique that is disappearing from the culture! Ken MeauxCajun country is fond of it's fine food, hunting, fishing, and festivals, but there is another part of the swamp land and that is the part where Ken is on the stage to entertain your group!

Yes, with stuff about the loup garou (werewolf), feu follet (spook lights), traituer (Cajun shamans), reveur (remote viewing), couche mal (night terrors), gris-gris (hoodoo stuff), conjo (magic)...all of the above is punctuated with visuals and audience participation...like a magic act on steroids!!

And last, but not least...lesseur de bonne adventure...Cajun fortune telling when available... You WILL love it!!

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